Thursday, December 4, 2008

Welcome to My Quilting Blog!!

This is so EXCITING!!!! I love quilting and this is my opportunity to reach out to all those who love quilting and love to talk about beautiful quilts. Please feel free to visit me often. You will see that I love working with lots of color. Please join me on this new incredible journey in Quilting Land. Thanks for visiting and hurry back!

The photo above is my favorite pattern, "Wheels of Whimsy." I fell in love with this pattern because it reminds me of life saver candies and it allow me to use bursts of color. My favorite size quilt in this pattern is 80 blocks. Each block varies between 3-5 pieces of fabric, so that allows me to use lots and lots of fabric.


rjweems said...

This is just beautiful artwork. I will be visiting your blog often!!!

Quilting Queen said...

thank you so much.

crt said...

Dr. Weems posted an article concerning your quilts on her blog and I am so glad that she did. Your work is absolutely beautiful. I look forward to following your blog and prayerfully one day becoming a customer. :) God Bless

RevJKE said...

I, too, come after reading Dr. Weems' blog post about your work. I want to both thank you for and encourage you in your quilting. This sacred part of our heritage is deeply needed in this moment and it was such a blessing on my day to see your artistry. How far do you travel? Do you sell any of your work (yet)?

I remember my grandma's quilts and seeing yours bring to mind how many times I've had conversations in church about how we should start a quilting circle. But until then (and just in case you need some blog topics!),I hope you and your readers will be posting tips on topics such as quilt care (preservation, restoration/repair, washing, storage), sewing circles, and the role of quilts in African American survival, e.g., the Underground Railroad.

Looking forward to your blog and seeing more of your work.

Joy K. Edmondson

Quilting Queen said...

thank you for your encouragement. I really appreciate that. I love to travel and will travel anywhere, especially for my art. I do have quilts available for purchase and will design custom quilts as well. Be blessed!

Quilting Queen said...

Thank you for your encouragement. You are a blessing!! Let me know when you are ready to be a customer!!
God's richest blessings to you!!

Selah said...

I just read your devotion "Surrendering to God" which propels me even further into this peaceful spiritual retreat that I have been enjoying for the past few weeks.

However, when I viewed your quilt, I plummeted into a world of wonderful memories of my childhood back in the islands. Creating a “Patch Work Quilt” was an art form for the native women.

My grandmother and mother made some of the most beautiful pieces I had ever seen. They would take all the scraps of materials after making our outfits and piece them together to create a beautiful cover for the beds.

My grandmother has since gone on to glory, but my mother is still here, praise be to God for his many blessings. It also caused me a moment of sadness as I realize that sometimes we take precious gifts and talents for granted.

Today, I wish I had one of my grandmother’s quilt or crotchet tablecloth or pillowcase

Thanks for evoking this beautiful memory that was buried. Your quilt is beautiful. May God continue to bless and inspire you as you minister to other through your quilts and your regal presence.

A V said...

Your artwork is beautiful.

Kyra said...


Would love to see more of your quilts!

Do visit Black Threads blog for more info on African American quilting.

best, Kyra