Friday, December 19, 2008

It's A New Season

It's a new season for me. God knows just what you need and when you need it. My wonderful husband has me living in Nashville, Tennessee for the last year. The only thing I associated with Nashville before I got here is country music, the Gaylord Opryland Hotel and the Grand Ole Opry. Whatever!!! Well, it has been a pleasant surprise for me. Southern hospitality has been defined for me right here and right now. The people here are so friendly that it makes you think what is wrong with states like California, where I am from.

It's a new season for me because I have to form community once again. Well, I am one of those people that takes a minute to gravitate toward new people. Being the wife of a pastor sometimes keeps you in the role of observing people and their ulterior motives. Well, I have made some wonderful new acquaintances and reconnected with some people that I didn't know were living here.

The real jewel for me in "It's a new season," is that now I have time to do me. I have quality time to dive into my passion, quilting. Look out world!!! I have time to blog and to read blogs. OMG it is wonderful.

What does this season hold for you? I invite you to "dive into" something that tickles your fancy.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Surrendering is Good!

For the last two days I have basically been in the house in "create" mode. I am in the process of finishing two quilt pieces for two dear friends. One of the quilt patterns that I am working on is called, "Fractions." I love the pattern but I experienced some difficulty while in the design/execute stage of the quiltmaking. Her favorite colors are not in my favorite color palette. So as I worked on the quilt, sometimes it was difficult to see the true beauty in those colors. Once I surrendered, knowing that she will absolutely go wild when she receives it under the Christmas tree, it all fell into place. The quilt is beautiful. Isn't that just like how we see life. For example, if our significant others don't see things the way that we do, we think that their vision is off. We desire them to be this way or that way BUT it isn't until we surrender and love them unconditionally, just as they are when we see how awesome the relationship really is.

God wants us to surrender in the same manner. As we look at the issues that this country is facing, knowing that our new leader, President Obama has his work cut out for him, I invite us to take a "chill" pill. We need to see the beauty of the challenges of a "different color palette," knowing that only an omniscent God can see us through.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Welcome to My Quilting Blog!!

This is so EXCITING!!!! I love quilting and this is my opportunity to reach out to all those who love quilting and love to talk about beautiful quilts. Please feel free to visit me often. You will see that I love working with lots of color. Please join me on this new incredible journey in Quilting Land. Thanks for visiting and hurry back!

The photo above is my favorite pattern, "Wheels of Whimsy." I fell in love with this pattern because it reminds me of life saver candies and it allow me to use bursts of color. My favorite size quilt in this pattern is 80 blocks. Each block varies between 3-5 pieces of fabric, so that allows me to use lots and lots of fabric.