Monday, December 8, 2008

Surrendering is Good!

For the last two days I have basically been in the house in "create" mode. I am in the process of finishing two quilt pieces for two dear friends. One of the quilt patterns that I am working on is called, "Fractions." I love the pattern but I experienced some difficulty while in the design/execute stage of the quiltmaking. Her favorite colors are not in my favorite color palette. So as I worked on the quilt, sometimes it was difficult to see the true beauty in those colors. Once I surrendered, knowing that she will absolutely go wild when she receives it under the Christmas tree, it all fell into place. The quilt is beautiful. Isn't that just like how we see life. For example, if our significant others don't see things the way that we do, we think that their vision is off. We desire them to be this way or that way BUT it isn't until we surrender and love them unconditionally, just as they are when we see how awesome the relationship really is.

God wants us to surrender in the same manner. As we look at the issues that this country is facing, knowing that our new leader, President Obama has his work cut out for him, I invite us to take a "chill" pill. We need to see the beauty of the challenges of a "different color palette," knowing that only an omniscent God can see us through.


tapmouse said...

YAY!!! How wonderful to be able to keep up with your quilting and everything else! It was so good talking to you last night!

You can check out my knitting blog which is linked in through Blogger, too! (Though my blog is frivolous and less profound than yours, I must admit!)

tapmouse said...

Ummm...or maybe I should give you an addy and say who I am in case you don't know who this is from!-lol!

Love ya!

Sarita Davis said...

Not only do you have FABULOUS quilts that are now available to the world, but I am blogging ;-)